Defensive Gambling Defender Crisis, Persebaya Takes Under-21 National Team Defender?

Land Bolatangkas is agile online with a reliable land version suit – Persebaya Surabaya still appears to have problems in bringing up alternative players when the key players can not be played. The absence of Otavio Dutra in the match against PSMS Medan at the Bung Tomo Stadium on Sunday (8/4), again mentioned their own problems for Coach Divaldo Alves.

He was only a little forced to trust Nurmufid Fastabiqul Khoirot to undergo his first debut with Persebaya at the Indonesian Primary League (IPL). Nurmufid’s debut, which will be also the Under-21 squad, seems somewhat late because Divaldo gives less opportunity or maybe more flying hours for his young players.

Persebaya’s back line is unquestionably porous in the opening match of the 2nd round later because Otavio Dutra and Erol Iba were hit by yellow card accumulation. The issue is that Dutra’s replacement candidate is still a mystery. Because, in the career of Dutra there are many names such as for instance Khomad Suharto, Jefri Parsetyo and Nurmufid Fastabiqul Khoirot.

The name Fasta, the call of Nurmufid Fastabiqul Khoirot, is predicted to be worth being an alternative for Dutra. Although he has never appeared with Persebaya, but Fasta has proven ability when defending the Under-21 national team at the event of the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Trophy some time ago.

Not merely could it be tough to construct defense, but the player nicknamed the successor of Bejo Sugaintoro also has the capacity to release gledek kicks. One goal printed by Fasta was held which was held in Brunei Darussalam.

But Fasta’s brilliant appearance hasn’t made Coach Persebaya Divaldo Alves drawn to play in the initial team tangkasnet. The proof, there’s no guarantee Fasta is likely to be played in a game against PSMS Medan.

“There are many alternative names for Dutra, besides Fasta, there are still Khomad Suharto and Jefri Prasetyo,” said the Portuguese coach.

It wasn’t simple for Divaldo to manage to find a replacement Dutra. Because, the Brazilian player was almost irreplaceable in his position since last season. When still competing in the Indonesian Premier League, Dutra is a formidable doorstop with no meaningful substitute. In 2010, despite obtaining a new duet with Rivelino Ardiles, Dutra’s performance also remained consistent.

Fasta’s opportunity to appear fully was in the hands of Divaldo. If you look at the trip during the initial round, Dutra actually never appeared especially at the beginning of the growing season as a result of ITC problems.

But in those days, Divaldo preferred to play players who already had experiences such as for instance Khomad Suharto or Jefri Parsetyo. At present, Jefri’s condition has recovered from injury.

But, in the event that you see the appearance of Fasta in the U 21 national team, the official young players of Persebaya’s products should be provided with the opportunity to appear. Moreover, the U 21 national team coach, Widodo C Putra had criticized clubs that didn’t give young players the chance to can be found in the competition.

“Eighty percent of the U21 national team players who can be found in Brunei have never appeared in competitions, the club must also look closely at this to ensure that young players have experience in competing,” complained Widodo.

As for the replacement of Erol Iba there is no problem. Most likely Mat Halil is likely to be replaced. While the career of Halil at right-back is likely to be occupied by Yusuf Hamzah who within the last few matches his appearance is very promising.

“Absence Dutra should indeed be detrimental to the team, especially he’s not worth getting an orange card when facing Bontang FC,” complained Persebaya Manager, Saleh Hanifah.

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