Eating Bugs Turns Into Instant YouTube Video Business

A couple of years ago I cashed in and moved to Thailand from the USA. One of many only things I had of any worth at all was a Sony CyberShot camera that doubled as my video camera. This camera shot 640×480 video at 30 frames per second and was quite good at it. I could have bought another camcorder if I needed, but I needed something compact and able to shoot both great photos and decent videos.

I started shooting videos about things I was doing in Thailand. Then, one wacky day I decided that it will be great fun to shoot some video of me eating some insects, worms and items that I available at an outside Thailand market. I created the “Gross Grub Series Videos” at YouTube. The videos were of horrible quality because I shrunk them to 320×240 resolution and a mediocre quality setting in Windows Movie Maker when I converted them. The reason being, my web connection was my cell phone and to upload video over 30 megabytes large was a critical effort and usually died mid-upload.

However, it didn’t matter. I couldn’t believe what happened, suddenly my videos were getting thousands and tens of thousands of views. I quickly put on the “partner program” and was accepted. What that meant is that I could now have Google AdSense ads run on my videos and in the best column – and be covered clicks on them. A in your free time internet business was born. I now have 177 videos posted at YouTube and over 2.3 million buy usa youtube views.

As I returned and compared the number of hours that I labored on various online projects through the years I discovered why these videos actually made more income than all but among my other projects – per hour of effort. That’s incredible. It’s incredible because it’s easy and fun. Just what a business!

Take a look at YouTube and see if you have anyone on top channels doing anything like you might envision yourself doing. Notice there are hardly any experts shooting video with perfect lighting or great scripts. Many of these video stars get more views per week than certain television shows. That’s crazy, but that’s the power of video.

If you’re interested in shooting video at YouTube, follow these simple steps:

  1. Purchase a simple Sony camera that shoots 640×480 video at 30 frames per second. I still work with a Sony camera that shoots at this same resolution as it produces good size videos, good quality resolution (HQ) in YouTube.
  2. Test out shooting yourself walking on and holding the camera or someone shooting you. Leaving a camcorder on a tripod usually results in boring shots – better that the camera is getting around somewhat to give that sense of realism.
  3. Devise a topic that you adore to fairly share and could produce something everyday about if you wanted to. Passion about your topic seems to be the one indicator of success as it pertains to any business. If that you don’t love it – you won’t do it.
  4. Experiment with various themes. You might not hit on a theme that large groups of people wish to see for the first few tries. Regardless of, keep trying. Go through the amount of top viewed girls showing makeup tips. They aren’t professionals at all and are killing the views. Imagine if you’re a man referring to makeup tips – that could be so funny, and probably do really well. Odd, funny topics do well. Are you able to be funny? Might as well try, right?
  5. After you have hit upon a favorite topic and have 20,000 views roughly of multiple videos proceed and apply at the YouTube partner program and see if you can get accepted. In that case, you’ll also need an AdSense account so Google can pay you.
  6. Get to work perfecting your business. It isn’t brain surgery, and you will probably be amazed at the reduced quality video broadcasts that are getting an incredible number of views.

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