Wealth and Prosperity: Eastern Medicine for Your Finances

Acquiring money isn’t always concerning the’time in trade for paycheck’routine. Simply how much wealth you acquire is also afflicted with other elements such as your thoughts and beliefs. According to Feng Shui, your wealth is also afflicted with the arrangements of your workplace and home.

Now a few of you may snicker (as you’re looking over this in your cellular phone, going to your acupuncturist), but I am a strong believer that the West doesn’t know it all. I think we are able to study from all aspects of the world. And so, today I’m going to talk about with you some suggestions on how to clean out the’poverty clutter’and bring some’ Wealth and Finance prosperity energy’your way!

1.) Clear out the clutter. The Eastern philosophy states that physical clutter blocks the’chi’or energy flow of life. This is sensible on every level. If your workplace is a ridiculous mess, it will also wreak havoc on your productivity, your brain, and ultimately your finances and wealth. Organize your office/work space first. Eventually, tackle every room in your home.

2) Note your Wealth Corner. Your wealth corner is the most truly effective left corner of any room you enter, (see above icon). See #1 and make sure that this area is clear. Then add some power inducing, energy-rocking items (see#3 and #4). Apparently you do not wish to wreak havoc on the wealth corner in your bedroom without consulting a Feng Shui specialist, so stay glued to your workplace and other aspects of your home.

3) Add water. Water flow stimulates wealth energy! Put a fountain (apparently rounded types are better than sharp edged types) in the wealth corner of your workplace or a tabletop fountain in the upper left corner of your desk. You can also place larger fountains in the front entrance outside your property or office building. Aquariums/Fish Tanks also seem to be a great item to incorporate here as well.

4) Use wealth attracting colors. Purple is the colour of money consciousness and prosperity. Red is the colour of power and action. Place components of these colors in your wealth corner or just use them as overall room decorating colors (curtains, pillows, rugs, etc). One recommendation is to put an amethyst geode in your wealth corner as crystals add much more power.

5) Clean your stove. Yup, you heard that right. Apparently a filthy stove with dishes and food on it is just a one-two punch to your wealth chi. And yes it attracts bugs. So get the Ajax out.

Have fun redecorating your wealth-attracting office and home!

Stephanie Staidle is a personal and business development coach and an online entrepreneur. As a founder of Cloud Renaissance her mission would be to empower people to prevent settling, live a life of these choosing, and be their particular boss. Stephanie Staidle’s exclusive entrepreneur training group, CLOUD ELITE, creates kick-a$$ world changing entrepreneurs from the interior out through cutting-edge business education and success coaching.

What Will it Cost Me?

Skeptical? You should be. But … it surely doesn’t cost you anything to give this idea a take to!

In reality, not only does it cost you nothing to try. The best thing is you will actually save money by trying! So even if you try your hand at applying this information and fail (which is very unlikely) you will still emerge ahead financially. Is a win-win situation or what? Let me explain more…

What I’m recommending listed here is that you move your property – together with your family if necessary – to a different country to be able to achieve your goals and the lifestyle you want. Sure, you can find ways you are able to put some of these ideas into action and ensure preparations with no move, but an international move is almost always necessary.

Going offshore, escaping wage slavery, doesn’t cost money. It saves money. There are lots of places on the planet where you really can live better for less.

It’s not just a coincidence that a lot of people associate “going offshore” with palm-fringed islands, endless white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean. The good news is that the standard of living in several places is going to be more than where your home is now, for less money.

And the better yet news is that you have a totally free choice in where you go. You don’t have to proceed to a country that’s called an international banking center. You’ll find so many other countries offering tax advantages. In most of Latin America, as an example, you do not have to cover tax on any income earned from away from country. After you have generated an international income stream (more on that later) you are able to live tax-free almost anywhere. Tax is going to be simply a minor inconvenience.

So just why doesn’t everybody get it done? You know I really wonder that myself. I guess when they knew it was really easy, they would. More and more folks are quietly going offshore. Lately the flow of expats has turned from the trickle right into a stream, however it still represents just a tiny part of the population. I can just only conclude that a lot of people either lack the mandatory information and know-how, or they are simply scared to leave familiar surroundings. It’s an irrational fear… a concern with the unknown.

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